A puzzle game where one room is never the solution.

For some strange reason, you are aboard a ship (trust me, it is a space ship), with items scattered around. You must place down interior walls in such a way, that you can organise your ship into rooms containing all of a certain item (and only that item). E.g. create a room containing all of the red objects, and a room containing all the white objects etc.

WASD (or other for some keyboard layouts) to move

Left click to place wall

Right click to destroy wall

Escape to return to menu (not tested on all keyboard layouts)

The original intention was to have a slightly surreal, comedic sci-fi styled game, though we were unable to complete the artwork for this.

This game was a real push to get out of the door on time (and in its current state it's still debatable as to whether I actually managed to do that). After starting one project on Saturday, and realising it would be impossible to complete before the deadline, this was the fresh start on Sunday that I felt was more achievable. Unfortunately, we were unable to get all of the art assets for the game, so it does look a little bland, and the menus were made in around half an hour I believe.