Trapped in an asteroid, with no chance of escape, finding power is your only chance of survival.

The caves are procedurally generated every time, so you can die exploring countless asteroids.

Simply move your mouse to the direction you want to go, and click to activate thrusters.

As well as propelling you forwards, your thrusters are both sources of light, and a tool for mining. Balance all 3 uses for maintained survival
Your power drains quickly when your thrusters are active, use them sparingly
Avoid bumping into walls, as they can cause you to lose your power even more quickly.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 39

If you like the game, it'd be great if you could leave feedback here:

...if you don't like the game, then feel free to make yourself a cup of tea instead. :)


The Last Miner - Windows Download 22 MB

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